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Managing HR issues gets more diverse and complex every day. To be competitive, organizations must develop recruiting, hiring, orientation and training processes that increase retention levels and optimize productivity. M.B. Meek' HR team can help in the following key areas:

Effective Training


Every company strives to recruit and hire the best qualified and most competent people to fill open positions within their organization. Highly skilled people bring a lot to the job. But as work environments evolve, new, different and advanced level skills must be developed. Performance Improvement, through training and other workplace interactions, can increase career path options and optimize the workforce.

M.B. Meek stresses two aspects of effective training:

Retention - The key to effective training is retention. If the education is not retained, then the value of training is not realized. Retention requires repetition. Seminar-style learning has been shown to accomplish 2% to 10% retention levels. Repetitive learning with 6 stages of repetition enables up to 60% retention levels.

Just in Time Training - educating staff at the point in time at which they need to perform has been proven to be extremely effective. Most adults do not fully learn a new process or way of thinking until they need to apply it. Enabling training materials to be delivered at the point of need increases the effectiveness of the training.

M.B. Meek has delivered training across a wide variety of disciplines including sales team product training, sales team sales tactics training, mechanical contractors, construction project managers, and manufacturing process training. M.B. Meek can work with your organization to design the optimal training program for your needs.

Web-Based Orientation & Training


Some of the greatest challenges and most constant expenses businesses face are those related to employee recruitment, assimilation, and retention. Investing in effective employee orientation and training programs can deliver a many-fold return through decreased turnover, increased productivity and commitment, and a greater investing by the staff in the corporate culture and goals.

Web-based (Intranet or Internet) orientation and training systems enable immediate delivery of a consistent message to a dispersed employee population. They offer flexible, cost effective solutions tailored specifically to your business' unique needs.

Improve your bottom line now. Send us your profile to see if your organization is positioned to take advantage of web-based orientation and training.

M.B. Meek' philosophy with web-based HR projects is to start sensibly, stay simple, grow organically, and expand over time as your needs dictate. The key is to have a delivery system that provides a good fit for your company while offering longevity and options for growth.

Benefits of a web-based orientation system include:

  • Immediate message to new employees

  • Consistent message to new employees

  • Reduced travel budgets

  • Tracking record of orientation provided and completed that can be used for regulatory and management purposes

  • Early identification of commitment to corporate culture or lack thereof

  • Inclusive culture communication permeates staff rather than drops from above

  • Frees up HR to do the hard stuff.

M.B. Meek Consultant's web-based orientation and training services include:

  • Consultative process - brainstorm with your HR staff to identify the content, features, and functions appropriate for your business needs

  • A completed program that may include some or all of the following:

    • Broadcasting relevant messages from key leaders
    • Immediate access to key policies, rules, expectations, and other information
    • Testing on module content to ensure appropriate knowledge level
    • Track visits - reports on employee log-in or lack of log-in activity
    • Interaction - questioning capabilities
    • Multiple tracks for leadership/non-leadership staff and new-to-the-company/new-to-the-industry distinctions
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