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M.B. Meek Testimonials

"We quit talking and started doing with the help of M.B. Meek. We have utilized all areas of their service offerings and have had our investment returned many times over. This is the most hands on, results-oriented consulting firm around."

President Plastics Manufacturing company

"Traditionally, the investment industry has operated with a lone wolf mentality. I hired M.B. Meek to help build a team culture within our office. Since then, we are consistently one of the top five offices out of over 8,000 in the U.S. M.B. Meek rolls up their sleeves and not only develops winning strategies, but gets in the trenches with us to implement the necessary changes."

Martin C. Bicknell
Senior Vice-President, A.G. Edwards

"Since M.B. Meek began consulting with Phenix Label Company, we have transformed unlike anything in our 100 year history. Your identification of crucial elements which we needed, enabled us to build on our success. Communication, cooperation and productivity have never been better.

I am convinced that having M.B. Meek as our business partner is our strategic competitive advantage."

Hans M. Peter - President
Phenix Label Company

20944 State Line Road
Stilwell, KS 66013

p: 800- 559-6335 ext 301
f: 913-681-1444
e: info@mbmeek.com