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Process Mapping & Documentation

Process Mapping

Visualizing the various steps of an organization's production process can dramatically improve how you identify the optimal and most efficient processes. M.B. Meek help clients with this visualization by:

Tasks we help you accomplish on the road to improved performance include:

  • Creating a map of the current processes

  • Analyzing that map for strengths and weaknesses in the flow

  • Creating a map of the optimal process flow

  • Implementing changes required to achieve the optimal process

Process Documentation

Accurate, logical documentation of all processes that impact on the quality of the product or service provided is a vital part of the certification process. M.B. Meek works with clients to develop all levels of documentation necessary to demonstrate how an activity is performed, when, by whom and in the correct sequence to optimize the throughput (output). With this developed, your organization will have a clear guide for streamlined yet effective documentation steps required to accompany your production processes.

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