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Guiding Principles

At M.B. Meek, our belief in the following principles guides our approach:

Taking organizations through the process of realizing their full potential, from conceptualization to improved performance.

Leveraging the skills and knowledge that reside within an organization to achieve desired results customized to its specific needs.

Creating results that are sustainable by teaching people how to renew the process that continuously improves business results

Our clients value our involvement at every step of accomplishing improvements. Rather then just delivering a written assessment, we coach and support decision-making along the way to realizing a company’s full potential.

In addition, we construct unique aspects to the client/consultant relationship that drive value to our clients:

30-day services termination notice - Our clients are not bound to long-term contracts, consequently the risk to the client is limited to as little as one monthly fee payment.

Immediate results - Our clients can expect to see meaningful results accomplished in the first month, and then elect to continue the relationship based on results delivered. We do not hold out that clients must wait years for results.

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