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Strategy - Driven Execution Management

Have you ever found your executive team struggling to connect your critical strategic initiatives to the goals of your entire management team? Are you concerned that the day-to-day activities of employees at all levels are not really on-track with your most important company objectives? Not only is this a common problem, but bridging the gap between strategy and execution may be the most critical task that any company must accomplish to insure its long-term success. Most so-called performance management systems simply do not provide the tool to get this done.

We have found and successfully utilize a revolutionary strategy-driven execution management system known as KeyneLink™. This system integrates your organization's initiatives, vision, mission, core values, and non-negotiable team standards into each individual manager's activities. What makes the system unique and successful are four elements:

  • Dynamic structure that allows the organization to respond to changing needs, rather than a system that remains static for a year.

  • Initiative focused to insure that there is definite and complete linkage to the overall strategic plans of the organization.

  • Performance agreements assure buy-in and understanding from all levels in the organization.

  • Progress meetings on a bi-monthly basis that provide for open communication, dialogue, and responsiveness to emerging developments.

KeyneLink™ is a system that will enhance your ability to achieve your strategic goals while engaging and developing your entire team.

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