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Strong leadership and direction toward the company's goals is the first item necessary for success. Requirements include:

  • a formalized organizational structure that clearly shows lines of authorities, accountability and reporting relationships

  • a strategic plan with clearly defined goals and objectives

  • a forum for executives to meet, discuss and develop action plans to overcome the organization's challenges and meet corporate objectives


Poor communication leads to poor individual and company performance. To ensure effective communication, there must be a clear method of communication from upper management throughout the organization to the front line employee. In addition, effective communication must include:

  • lowest level of employees

  • an effective employee orientation process must be developed and consistently used

  • a defined career path and training curriculum for employees must be implemented


Customers (internal and external) depend on employees to keep their promises and meet or exceed expectations. To instill accountability in people requires the following:

  • clearly developed job descriptions and work instructions with defined job duties and performance standards

  • performance measurements and methods that drive correct behaviors in the organization

  • leaders giving effective feedback to clarify desired results and appropriate actions

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We quit talking and started doing with the help of M.B. Meek. We have utilized all areas of their service offerings and have had our investment returned many times over. This is the most hands on, results-oriented consulting firm around.

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