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Our Founder & Team

Mike Meek

CEO, M.B. Meek

Mike's greatest skill is his ability to identify, hire and develop people. M.B. Meek team brings a variety of expertise to bear on meeting clients' needs. You will find top notch leadership, human resource, corporate management, and business development skills among the team. For more information on any of our team members simply request via our contact page.

Our people are dedicated to making a positive impact on our clients' organizational performance as well as improving the quality of work life for our clients' employees

More on our Founder

As CEO of M.B. Meek, Mike has a measurable track record of helping organizations achieve superior business results by optimizing their structure and helping their leaders become more effective in their performance. With a Masters in Management and a PhD candidate in Organizational Leadership, Mike is a specialist in merging theoretical models with that of real world application and implementation. As a four-time collegiate All American and Hall of Fame Inductee, Mike credits his success to a "hands on" approach that involves others which achieves real results.

Knowledge, Insight, Expertise

Mike has been providing management and operational consulting since the 1980's both in the U.S. and abroad. He has personally worked with over 30,000 people throughout the last two decades implementing his change management process across a variety of business sectors. Mike has been the keynote speaker at numerous meetings, conventions, seminars and workshops. He spoke at the European Quality week for Northern Ireland, and was keynote speaker to the Northern Irish Parliament. Mike has served as a delegate representative for Kansas to South Korea. Mike has authored five training programs; Leadership Execution, Executing Teams, Leadership Through Supervision, Productive Workstyle, and Who Needs Service?

Invite Mike to speak at your next business meeting or executive retreat by contacting him at mike@mbmeek.com

M.B. Meek Team

M.B. Meek Principles

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