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Core Problem Identification

Objectively identifying the casuation links between actions and either undesirable or desirable effects in an organization is a discipline not easily applied, but necessary to achieve goals. Let's explore that statement:

  • "Objectively" means your organization needs to step outside personal involvement in how the organization currently performs in order to assess whether or not your are performing the right tasks

  • "...identifying the causation links between actions and... effects" requires a rigorous look at what employees currently do how that interacts with the production and market environment in which they perform to cause some resulting effect

  • "undesirable and desirable effects" require analysis of what is wrong in the organization and what the leaders would like see happening in the organization

M.B. Meek helps clients.....helps clients apply the discipline of building objective "reality trees" that map actions to the results they cause. In almost every case study, M.B. Consultants is able to identify one or two root causes of most of the major undesirable effects occurring in an organization.

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