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Constraint Management

Nothing can be more elusive than determining the root cause of a deeply integrated business problem. Our Theory of Constraint (TOC) specialists work with your staff to pinpoint problems that keep your business from producing at its optimum capacity. We teach your staff to implement proven constraint management principles so they can consistently meet and exceed their goals.

Tasks we help you accomplish on the road to improved performance include:

  • Mapping current processes to identify constraints that set the pace of production or service provision in your company

  • Mapping "current reality trees" that objectively identify undesirable effects (UDEs) and reveal key causes of most UDEs

  • Mapping "future reality trees" that objectively identify action items that will eliminate UDEs and bring about desired effects

  • Facilitating communication amongst teams as they implement action items

  • Coaching your staff to use their knowledge and skills to improve the TOC's application within your specific environment

We have applied the TOC in a variety of industries, including those as disparate as manufacturing plastic bags and delivering healthcare services, to help companies identify a common-sense approach that will improve profits. Our clients view the insight they gain from learning how to apply the TOC as an important competitive advantage. We are uniquely willing to render TOC services for fees that are results-based.

Among the many benefits our clients realize from constraint management are the following:

  • Increase profits

  • Develop streamlined, mapped processes with capacity optimally focused on the correct constraints

  • Develop deep organizational knowledge of how to apply the TOC to your processes

  • Develop well-defined and balanced inventory and inventory buffer levels

  • Build well-timed production and service schedules that maintain proper inventory levels

  • Decreased need for crisis intervention from executive management
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