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Understanding employee and new hire prospect characteristics can dramatically improve an organization's ability to compete. Individuals have different capabilities and different communication tendencies. Testing to better understand these differences can improve your ability to:

  • Manage effective communication with employees

  • Target hiring practices to put people in roles where they can succeed

  • Target retention of key people in their appropriate roles

M.B. Meek uses the Prevue Assessment to provide businesses and human resource professionals with a suite of reports that can help you make more informed decisions in hiring, training, promotion and/or team building. The Prevue Assessment measures work-related characteristics of people through their responses to a particular set of questions. It was exclusively developed by world-renowned experts in psychometric psychology. It is an accurate, validated, and reliable predictor of employee capabilities. Job candidates or current employees complete a questionnaire either in print or electronically. Responses are put into the Prevue Software Program, which analyzes those responses and produces the following reports:

  • Selection Report - designed to assist management with selection, hiring and promotion decisions

  • Coaching Report - designed to assist management in determining the particular areas of training that could improve an employee's performance. The report contains recommendations as to the type of coaching or training that may be appropriate

  • Succession Planning Report - examines what jobs within an organization might best suit an individual. The report compares employees' abilities, interests and personality traits to the benchmarks for various jobs within the employer's organization

  • Individual Report - provides a general description of the test results without specific reference to a candidate's scores. Individual reports are sometimes provided to employees as part of the coaching process to facilitate a discussion of the test results without reference to specific scores.

The effectiveness of the Prevue Assessment is most evident when it is used to predict job suitability through the use of benchmarks. A benchmark is a composite of the abilities, interests, and personality traits of successful people in a specified job. The Prevue Assessment will assess the features of those employees identified by management as being successful at a particular job. The Assessment then creates a benchmark for that job. That benchmark is then used to assess the suitability of candidates seeking that job or current employees seeking a promotion or transfer to that job.

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