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5S & Visual Control

Effective workplace organization and visual management can stop defects and poor results before they take place. This makes organizations more competitive and profitable. Organizations must strive to maintain an accurate real-time picture of the constantly changing workplace so that control cycles can be instituted immediately at the slightest hint of any problem, thereby maintaining the workplace in a normal control state.

The 5Ss provide the foundation for visual workplace management and control:

  • First S: Sort (Organization) - Distinguish between what is needed and not needed

  • Second S: Stabilize (Orderliness) - A place for everything and everything in its place

  • Third S: Shine (Cleanliness) - Cleaning and looking for ways to keep it clean

  • Fourth S: Standardize (Adherence) - Maintain and monitor the first 3S's

  • Fifth S: Sustain (Self-Discipline) - Stick to the rules, scrupulously

Methods for Self-Discipline in sticking to the 5Ss include:

  • Using Checklists

  • Setting goals and targets

  • Maintaining daily practice of agreed-upon checking and inspection

  • Training and coaching

  • Continuously improving standards for orderliness and cleanliness

  • Asking "why?"

  • Establishing increasingly effective visual controls

  • Recognition and reward
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